2007 Outlook reminder always on top?

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Does anyone know a way that I can have my outlook reminder alerts dialed in so the always stay on top of all my applications. I run WindowsXP and tend to have 5 different applications running and constantly am burying critical appointment reminders. I am on the phone contstantly do an agressive sound alram is not an option.

Can you help me with the 2007 version?


I just tried this and it still did not pop-up (although Outlook is pinned). I have dual screens and Outlook was pinned on my secondary monitor.

The implementation of reminders with Outlook2007/Windows 7 is really terrible; in fact, it's pretty much useless.

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Don't pin Outlook, pin the reminder window.

You might want to try reminder manager (www.slovaktech.com) - it will pop up on top of whatever program you are working in.

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