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I have setup some SharePoint 2007 calendars as part of a diary system. As the users open the calendars in Outlook 2007 anyway, we thought it simplest that those who needed a nice looking hard copy made use of the Calendar Printing Assistant.

The problem is that the Assistant cannot use the SharePoint calendars on all computers bar one.

The Assistant can see the calendars and allows them to be selected for use. However, instead of a tick box there is a red circle containg an x. If you click on the icon you get the following message repeated twice: "Cannot retrieve events from folder [Calendar name]. Original Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 error message: 263040"

On one computer there are no problems. We cannot see any differences in setup. We have tried running fixmapi.exe and switched Outlook cahing on and off. There are no problems using using other personal or shared calendars

Has anybody come across this before?
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