Re: BCM 2010 - Communications History Form Blank

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Well I've been having the same problem. Fortunately frizby66 helped me realize that I didn't actually lost all history items (that was my main concern), I just sorted it by item and then showed all my history. I'll be waiting for a fix on this issue.


Still no resolution for me on the blank communications history form! But now I am also experiencing errors when clicking on several of the Business Contact Manager links in the Navigation pane on the left (Marketing, Sales, Project Management). The error is "Business Contact Manager could not complete your last action or actions. Please try again".

I am beginning to suspect the MSSMLBIZ instance of SQL server. I already have SQL Server 2008 (64bit) installed (MSSQLSERVER instance) - could there be conflict between the 2 SQL Server instances? Possibly 64bit vs 32bit conflict?



Have had the same issue and am running 32bit version of SQL. Only solution is to restart Outlook. I suspect Microsoft know about the History issue but are keeping tight lipped until they either have a solution or get round to looking at it.

Have a question, did everyone upgrade/import and exisiting database? Am wondering if that is the issue. I have created a new one, and still get the same but wonder if importing cause a core problem in SQl or BCM 2010.

Oh and does anyone get an error when they try and sort the hostory by date? I do, and have seen that this error also shows up using some Orcale Tools with Outlook, so maybe an Outlook problem and not BCM...just had a thought, how many people are using BCM with multiple mailboxes?


I have the same issue sporadically. with recently created history. since the last post is early Aug, I assume there isn't resolution to this issue yet?
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