How do I elinimate outdated e-mail addresses?

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I maintian several group e-mails and send out blasts. People give me thier new address, I update it in contacts, removing the old one, yet somehow, the group e-mail will still go to the old address. Or I send a single e-mail to someone whose address i have changed but the old address pops up when I partially type in thier name instead of the new one. I partially type in thier name and use alt K to get the full name. I can't seem to purge my contacts of the outdted e-mail address even though I did change the contact info.

Russ Valentine

If by "group e-mail" you mean distribution lists, you must remove the entry for the DL from your autocompletion cache or your updates won't take effect. For this and other reasons most users have abandonded DL's as a method for grouping recipients. They are just too unreliable. Microsoft has no intention or fixing DL's or making them reliable, so you'd be better off using a method they want you to use, like Categories.Russ Valentine
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