Trying to connect my hotmail account to microsoft outlook on my computer.

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I am trying to connect my college email account (which is a Hotmail based account) to my Outlook and everytime I try to connect it, it never works. I don't know what I am doing wrong. When I think it's connected, I get an error message and I can't send or receive messages. Please help me! Thank you!

Thomas is cool

Download the outlook connector but watch out cause' it has not got very good connection that is all possible to do

Ezil Vinoth

Step 1: Download and install Outlook Connector

Install Outlook Connector from the link:

Step 2: How to create a profile in outlook and Add the email account
To create new profile, follow the link

To Add the E-mail account in Outlook
Click on Outlook Connector in the Menu bar and click on Add account
In the window, type email address, password and you name and click on Ok.

Close and re-open Outlook, it will start syncing the data from hotmail, Once when syncing is completed, try to send emails and check.

Ezil Vinoth S, Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.

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