Outlook - All Mail vs. Deleted Items

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My laptop has Windows XP. I recently switched from Outlook Express to Outlook. But instead of a Deleted Items folder on the left side, (as I have on my desktop) I have an All Mail folder. I am unable to delete any mail from it. When I try, it just puts a score line through each one and then they repopulate. I'm up to 328 emails now. How can I eliminate the All Mail folder, install a Deleted Items folder and begin deleting my mail?

Brian Tillman

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That's because you're using Gmail via an IMAP account. IMAP accounts don't have "Deleted Items" folders because that's not how IMAP works. Instead, it marks the message for deletion, signified by an overstrike. You then purge the messages so marked. Edit>Purge.

Gmail has a label called "All messages" that's not really a folder. Unsubscribe from it in Outlook so it doesn't show and don't reference it.
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