search mail from archives & open the mail

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I want to search a mail which could be in the archive. When i find this mail i want yo open the same. As i have multiple archive, i want to know the name of the archive to open..

Niranjan I K

Try the steps below to fix the issue.

1. Open all the archive folders in outlook by clicking on File > Open > Outlook Data File. Choose all the archive folders

2. Make sure indexing is enabled for all these Outlook data files. Click Tools > Options > Preferences > Search Options and check all the boxes in the window.

3. Enable "All folders" under "Instant Search Pane" and click "Ok"

4. Click Apply and Ok on the successive windows.

Try searching the email now. For the emails searched you can find the name of the folder to which the email belongs to on the top of the list.

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