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I am using Outlook 2007 and have created personal folders for my Mail files and I want every folder to have the same Fields as my Inbox. Currently my Inbox as many informative fields such as From, Subject, Received, etc,; however, when I create personal folders, every one defaults to a only three fields: Received, Categories and Size. How can i set it so every folder defaults to a Standard that i set up? I really want all of my personal folders to mimic the Inbox. Currentl y the only way in which to do this is to manually change each folder, which is time consuming and irksome.

Please help!

Roady [MVP]

View for newly created folders are either based on the parent folder or on the default Messages view template.

So in order to fix your issue, you'll either have to reset the view of the parent folder and/or reset the default Messages template via;
View-> Current View-> Define Views-> select Messages-> button Reset

Additionally see Applying views to all folders
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