Outlook desktop alert doesn't work with IMAP. Envelope icon only opens personal inbox.

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Issue 1) This is driving me crazy but I have desktop notifications setup and when I receive imap mail, I get no notification. So I read that I need to specify a filter, so I specify a " when recipient field contains" and set it to use the desktop notification, and still the imap desktop mail notification doesn't work. What do I need to do to get this to work?

Issue 2) I have one of my IMAP Inboxes set to my default box, and I thought that clicking on the envelope icon after receiving mail was supposed to open that, but it doesn't! It always opens the personal inbox no matter what I set the default inbox to be!! How do I fix this? It is really annoying.

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You cannot set the default Inbox to be the IMAP Inbox, despite being able to choose the IMAP account as default. (The difference between choosing Set as Default on the Data Files tab vs. the E-mail tab.) The new message icon will always open to your default Inbox, in my experience.


Is this a joke? An extra £150 for outlook 2010 and now I find out that I have to have annoying and intrusive desktop alerts whenever I receive an email?

What is your thinking behind this?
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