I want to delete duplicate emails that are not only Outlook emails, but my POP email duplicates.

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I know that there is a way to delete duplicate emails that not only come into my Outlook account, but my POP accounts that feed into my Outlook. I am frustrated because every time I try and find an answer to a question the answer is for something other than what my actual question is. I must not be asking the right question. I don't know most of my emails are duplicated. I am currently running Windows 7 OS and everything that I look at is either for Windows XP or Vista. Please, does anyone have any clue what I am talking about?! Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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The OS probably doesn't matter.... most software will run on all 3. i'm not totally sure what you mean by deleting duplicates from the "POP accounts that feed into my Outlook"...

There are a number of tools that will delete duplicates from Outlook but if there are duplicates arriving in your mailbox on the server, that's a problem your mail provider needs to address. See http://www.slipstick.com/addins/duplicates-addins/duplicate-remover-tools-for-outlook/ for utilities to remove duplicates.

If the problem is that Outlook downloads the messages and doesn't delete them from the server and keeps downloading them, then you need to check your settings for how frequently outlook checks for new mail (Ctrl+Alt+S to open the dialog) and disable email scanning by your antivirus scanner.

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