Outlook 2010 - "The file does not exist" when changing options

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When I attempt to change about any option in Outlook 2010 I get a " the file does not exist" error message when selecting OK to exit the option screen. Examples: Changing the color, revising add-ins, changing conversation options, etc. I must cancel from the screen to exit.

I have tried starting in safe mode (outlook /safe). I can change the options successfully, but the change does not take when I next start Outlook normally.

I have tried the repair option in add/remove programs - actually programs since I'm running 64-bit Win7. no change.

I have no idea what file does not exist, or where it should be!

I can set options on other Office applications.

Short of reinstalling, any suggestions? i'm thinging that may not help me.

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

There could be a possible corruption of the add-ins used in Outlook. Try the following steps.

1) Click File > Options > Add-ins

2) Ensure to have "COM add-ins selected in the drop-down list and then click on the "GO" button

3) Disable one add-in at a time to find the one which is causing the issue. Once found, leave that add-in disabled to work with Outlook without any issues.

Diane Poremsky

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Oh... see if you have a reminder sound set on the Advanced page. During the beta, that sucker irritated me for weeks until i figured it out. I have yet to understand why the sound field was blank, but the error went away when i added a sound. If a sound file is listed, check each page of the options dialog and see if any other fields are blank.



OUTSTANDING. I randomly put a WAV file in as suggested and all works now. I never would have thought that could possibly be a solution, but it worked.

I did not try disabling the COM add-ins - anything do to with the add-ins was giving me the noted earlier message. But since I added the WAV, now I can work with the add-ins also.



Ditto for for both problems. Brilliant solution, thanks!

PS Thanks Microsoft for making life difficult, again, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!%&^*&%
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