Pop-up when launching Outlook program...Need to get rid of it! Can anyone help me?

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Below is a message pop-up I get every time I launch my Outlook program. Can someone help me get rid of this annoying pop up?

The add-in "Google Desktop Search Outlook Addin" (C:program files\google desktop search\googledesktopoffice.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by outlook. please contact the add-in manufacturer for an update. if no update is available, please uninstall the add-in.

Make any sense to anyone?


Roady [MVP]

There are a couple of solutions for this all depending on what you want to do with the add-in;

Uninstall Google Desktop Search via Control Panel-> Uninstall a Program Install the latest version of Google Desktop Search If you uninstalled it and you still get the same error, locate extend.dat and rename it to .old when Outlook is closed.
See; Resetting dat-files

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