Contact View When Filtereing on Company Name shows no matches (while in Online mode with Exchange)

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Gary Harlam

In Office 2007 (and earlier versions), I had a few views to help me search for specific contacts. Specifically, I had one that sorted on Last Name and one that Sorted on Company Name with a filter for contacts where the Company was not empty.

The sort on Last Name works fine.

If I try and Filter on Company Name using Is Not Empty or Is Empty, it does not show any results - I sometimes get an Operation Failed message. I can filter on parts of the Company Name.

Update: It works fine in Caching mode. In Online / Live mode, it does not.

Any Ideas ?




Gary Harlam

Interesting - thanks for the thought.

I'm using Exchange and was in Online mode.

I switched to Cache mode and it all worked properly!

When I go back to Online mode, it doesn't!