Outlook 2010 stuck installing Social Connector



I am loading the Office 2010 free trial. Powerpoint, Excel, Word all loaded and are working fine. When I opened Outlook, it says "Loading Add-Ins" and got to 6 of 10, Microsoft Outlook Social Connector. It has been on that item for over 2 hours, which doesn't seem correct. Can anyone help? It gives me an option to cancel but I don't want to lose my progress if it's supposed to take this long.

Ganesh Kumar N

Do you use social connector with Outlook?

Try to open Outlook in application safe. If it opens fine, then you can disable the Add-ins in Outlook.

Go to Start->click on all programs-> Accessories-> Run->

Type outlook /safe and click on ok

Check the link to disable the add-ins in outlook:-


Ganesh Kumar N