The attachmentsize exceeds the allowable limt

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I am using outlook 2007 on a windows 2008 terminal server i get a "The attachmentsize exceeds the allowable limit" when i try to change the category of an e-mail. This only happens when the mail is opened for reading or when the preview pane is active. When i disable the preview pane i can adjust the category to what ever i want.

Other users on a XP client and outlook 2007 connecting to the same Exchange 2007 server do not get this message.

Any ideas any on where to look?

I have tried:
changing message size in exchange
Running outlook as adminstator (user rights)
creating new outlook profiles
disable all addins 1 by 1
outlook /save (that was where i noticed the difference between preview pane or no preview pane)
Create new user and mailbox

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange
How much space is allowed in the Temp Internet file folder /secure temp folder? Since it only happens when Outlook writes the attachment to the secure temp folder using TS, the error probably refers to something with the securetemp space on the server.


I think you put me in the right direction because the register key OutlookSecureTempFolder is missing in the registry. Now i have to find out how to create it.

The size of the temporary internet files is 50mb. I have tried to increes to 1024mb with no result.


Thanks for the link that was as you can see in my first post the first thing i checked.

Furter test:

Disable all gpo's with no result but the registry key of the administrator account is now filled with C:\Users\trbeheer\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\H6YSLJKP\
The folder is writable but the problem still is there

When i foreward or reply a message i also get the message: "The attachmentsize exceeds the allowable limit" Outlook seems to be stuck now. I found 2 way to continue: 1 kill outlook in taskmanager and press delete on the open message. Also found a workarround. When i go to tools:=>options=>e-mail setup and check the box "close original message on reply or foreward" I can foreward or reply as expected.

I found out that e-mail smaller then <10kb can be categorized normaly so there must be some setting.
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