Autoarchive ignores subfolders and even some main folders

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All folders, sub-folders are set to use default auto-archive settings, but Outlook refuses to admit the cold hard reality and exempts most of the sub-folders and even some of the folders from auto-archiving. This is getting tiresome.

Brian Tillman

Outlook's autoarchive works on the modified date of the items in folders, not on the received date. That's the usual cause of this. The items you think should be archived aren't because theyu were modified more recently than your archive date criteria.



I'm running up againt this issue with subfolders of my inbox. Does " modified" date also include synchronize date on sub-folders? THat's the only thing I can see being the issue in my case. I have a folder with old emails that are not touched, but synchronizing happens. Emails from the inbox archive fine, and the folder ia created in the archive.pst, but none of the subfolder contents are archived.
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