Outlook 2003 / Advanced Find, how to set for search all subfolders ???

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When 'Browse' to select folders for 'Search for words(s)' in 'frequently-used text fields', the 'Select Folder(s)' pop-up window indicates it will 'Search subfolders' if checked, but it only shows 'searching in 1 folder', unless go in and check all subfolder boxes for each folder and subfolders under main folder.

How to actually make it search all subfolders without needing to check the manual checkboxes ?

Thank you for your help.


I am having the same problem as the original poster. The current selected folder is the parent of the PST. The search subfolder box is checked. When I click to search, it only searches the current folder, and will NOT search any of the subfolders. There are a lot of subfolders, and clicking them, and each of their subfolders would be impractical.

How to I get Outlook 2003 to pay attention to the "search subfolder" option?