My Microsoft Office Outlook Outbox is not sending any emails. Can someone help me to activate the Outbox or help me fix the problem.

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Jared Wilson

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Programs you are having problems with -- My Microsoft Office Outlook Outbox, nothing is being sent out from it. Error messages -- My outbox claims it is sending, but it never does Recent changes you made to your computer -- Nothing What you have already tried to fix the problem -- Nothing, I do not know how to fix this problem.

Trinayan Baruah


What is the exact error message that you receive?

Do the emails have any type of attachments?

Trinayan Baruah, Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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I have McAfee and Stopzilla, but I haven't had a problem until now.


no error message. the emails just won't move out. no attachments on them.


If you have not noticed, this thread started by Jared Wilson has been marked " Answered " over a month ago.

If after you have deleted the stuck message, and still unable to send, and no one comes along to offer a solution, it would be wise for you to start a new thread for yourself.


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