Voting buttons not working.

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I have followed all the directions and keep sending test messages but still cannot figure out why my voting buttons are not working. Want an easy way for people to answer yes or no to an email message.
It's a great idea but i can't get it to work!! Please help.

Gayathri G S


Are you using an Exchange Server account in Outlook?

Voting options are available only for Exchange Server account(s) used in Outlook.

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Diane Poremsky

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Voting doesn't require Exchange server, but it does require RTF message format. By default, outlook converts it to HTML when sending to the internet because only outlook can decipher RTF, so you need to set the address to always use RTF.



Thanks you so much for all your answers to my question. Everyone I would be sending to uses Outlook and I'm sure mine goes to the default HTML. I have no clue how to "set the address to always use RTF". Will that change the way my message looks?


I have a problem with some of the responses not getting into the "sent message". I have made sure that the sent-message stays in the "Sent Items" folder. But occasionally, I will get a response message for approval but it does not show up in the tracking. Is there anyway to rerun whatever is required to get the response to track in the sent message?

MS Outlook 2007 SP2 -- Exchange Servedr version unknown.
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