The file OLMAPI32.dll is incompatible with Microsoft Outlook. Install Outlook again.

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I started with a Windows Vista 64 bit home premium machine that included the free upgrade to Windows 7 when it came out. Since loading the windows 7 I have had nothing but problems with programs as diverse as Microsoft Outlook, and The entire Autodesk Inventor 2009 suite.
Outlook simply crashes anytime someone sends me anything with an attachment in it. I get the ollowing message; The file OLMAPI32.dll is incompatible with Microsoft Outlook. Install Outlook again.
I even removed outlook completly and reinstalled it, same thing, so I moved up to the Outlook 2010 Beta and it will work for a day, then right back where I started with the same crash.
This is particuarly frustrating because as soon as Outlook gets the mail, it has removed it from my providers dserver, so eventhough I am unable to openit with Outlook, it is also no longer avalaible for anything else to open.
I also own a copy of the Autodesk 2009 Inventor Suite that includes Autocad, Autocad Mechanical and Inventor 2009. I have no reason to upgrade this software because it is very expensive already and does what I want, but it willnot open at all on this operating system.
As much as I hated Vista, I am about to have to format this drive and reload Vista on it unless I can locate a copy of XP somewhere I can purchase.
Is there any answers coming for this obscene operating system that just says, "Upgrade your old software and don't bother me" when you ask for the answer to these problems?

And why would it not even allow Outlook to wortk with it? These are both actual Microsoft products for heavens sake! I don't think a Mac would have this trouble.

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Have you tried reinstalling outlook? You can also change your Outlook email account settings so that it keeps the files on the server after sending and receiving.

Have you tried running Autodesk in compatibility mode?

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Thanks, I have removed and reinstalled Outlook, and I will set it to keep my files on the server until I get this mess worked out. I have also tryed every compatibility mode that is offerd and have no changes in the problem at all.
I beleive the problem with the OLMAPI32.dll is something that is being distorted by windows as I was also having this problem with my Outlook 2007. That is what drove me to install the Outlook 2010 beta. Nothing else seems to work.
The thing I am having trouble understanding is that there is not a flood of reports on this. That tells me there is something on my computer specifically that is causing it.

Anyway, I did the full backup today and tomorrow morning the thing goes back to factory setup with Vista home premium. At least things worked when it was running that even though I could make a cup of coffee while it booted up.

If you have any other ideas, please send them on. I will continue to check this site for answers.

Again, Thanks for trying. Anyone else got suggestions that do not include black powder or buying a Mac?

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Hello TRKN,

I am moving your post to the Office Outlook category to see if there is an Office guru there that can assist with the OLMAPI32.dll issue.

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OLMAPI32.dll is installed By outlook. But when you uninstall Outlook, it does not get removed. There have been some updates giving rise to this issue.
Some checkpoints
Ensure you dont have 2 versions of outlook / office installed . If so , remove the older version and repair the other
Do you have an exchange account configured ? If not sure, you can use the Control Panel > Mail > Email accounts to check this .
Try removing the OLMAPI32.dll from the C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Office\ Office 12 Then repair Office.
Try updating to the latest Service Pack



I am a deep user of excel [and moderate word]. When 2007 was released I vomitted for days and quickly determined that the likely psychological damage would be much more than prosac could handle. Hence i have resisted upgrading and persevered with 2003 as long as i could. In essence MS have completely stuffed a sound working system and buried all my favourite commands and activities under a kindergarten pile of dumb-as-paint graphical interface elements that are meaningless. As has always been my motto MS should not try to fix a non-existent problem - but the usual capitalist greed clearly over-ruled and here we are with comtemptable rubbish that completely fails to meet the needs of users. Any attempts to continue to work with excel 2007 at the level of work that i do are utterly futile.

My first question is who is paying the $120/hr for 12 months to start all over again with a system that is designed for idiots but simply cannot be used by those with abilities that were intensely developed over many years?

And now for the real problem ... when firing outlook 2007 I continue to get this incompatible warning and cannot resolve. Against all the odds I have both 2003 and 2007 installed. In CP the buttons to add/remove software are not live, so i cannot remove 2003 even if i finally decide that it must be done.

XP pro on a networked machine

I do get the standard message, then a reinstall completes successfully, but 2007 outlook continues to refuse a boot.

Any clues out there to assist?


Oh well ... that went down like a lead balloon ... the truth hurts I guess, and people develop loyalties over time. Such is life.

That said, another morning of extreme pain and sheer frustration wasted trying to get Excel to do anything productive. 35 minutes to find how to add a chart title, then 0.637 seconds to link to a cell reference so that it's dynamic. So far another 48 minutes trying to get x-axis labels to be text appearing in column headings. What an absolute abortion of a piece of software [actually it should be called hardware since there is nothing soft about it at all] ... maybe Lotus will make a comback :)
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