have been receiving 'Not Responding' message on both home and office computers and business and personal accts. Have Vista business on one s

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Dan Brooks

The "not Responding" hang up sems to be a common problem. I encounter it often at office and home and have had similar from many friends/associates. Problem started about 6 months ago and continues even though all updates done. Occurs both intranet and internet based access.


Try starting outlook using the safe switch and see if the problem is replicated - Its such a common problem I've never experienced it; from OL98 to OL2007 in win2k to win7

Guruprasad Ra


If applications safe works fine, try disabling add-ins for Office application.

Check the following link to know more about how to run Office applications in safe mode and disabling add-ins



Step 2:

If application safe fails to address the issue then try performing windows safe mode and check if you are able to work with Office applications

Check the following link to know more about performing windows safe mode

Note: After you have finished troubleshooting in windows safe mode, ensure you restart the computer in normal mode.


If you are able to work in safe mode then this issue is caused by a Non-Microsoft Service
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