Rules in Error Cannot move to the "XX" folder Outlook 2003

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I had Office Professional 2003 running on an older machine running Microsoft XP Professional. I re-installed the Office Professional 2003 on a new machine running Windows 7 and with trial versions of Office 2007 installed. I am using/accessing my email via Outlook using a POP3 mail server. I want to continue using Office 2003 until I can get used to mynew machine and iron out any problems (like the one I am currently experiencing) and also make some time to get acclimated with Office 2007 (i.e. I dont have a lot of time to spare right now).

Here's my problem: When using Outlook 2003 on my new machine, I get an error: " Rules in Error Cannot move to the " XX" folder" when Rules and Alerts are run for incoming email messages. Everyting else seems to works fine. I have looked extensively on the internet for solutions, including Microsoft support pages:

I have: * exported, deleted and then re-imported the rules, then tried to run them; * reduced the size of my PST file; * dowloaded and installed any and all updates I could find for Office 2003; * did a repair install with the Microsoft Office 2003 discs; * exported all the rules; deleted all the rules and set/ran up one test rule -- ALL WITHOUT SUCCESSS

The other options I am considering are: 1) moving my Outlook.pst file to a location where the path would be shorter (per option #4 at; or 2) Completely UN-installing anything having to do with Office 2007 from the new machine; or 3) installing Office 2007 (which I bought and have the keys to start the trial versions that were installed with the machine), and use Outlook 2007, but still use Word 2003, Excel 2003 and Powerpoint 2003… I am not sure what to do. Option #1 seems easy enough; and options #2 and #3 may to be opening up another set of problems I cannot imagine how to anticipate.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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So you created the rule on the new computer and pointed it to the correct folder and it still failed? When you move to a new machine, the rules are looking for the pst on the old machine - once you repoint them to the folder on the new machine it should work.



I have been having the same trouble, and I have done basically the same steps. He has tried to create new rules on the new computer and it won't let him move messages inside of the personal folders. Performed option 4 from the first suggestion and everything started working correctly.
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