Windows Live Mail not sorting or duplicating incoming pop3 messages.

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I have just set up Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail on a brand new PC for the first time. I have then loaded in my 3 pop3 email accounts (which I have been using for years).
As you know Live Mail creates an inbox etc for each, no problem with that - it's what I'm looking for.

However I can't get it to sort the incoming messages into the right inboxes! It either dumps them all into the default address inbox (if 'include this account when receiving mail or synchronzing' is unticked) or places one copy in each of the 3 inboxes (so 3 copies of each message) if it is ticked.
I can't sort this with 'message rules' as it won't let 'inbox' be a destination, and why should it? That is the natural default, no rule shoudl be needed for such.
Anyway the software looks like it should just simply work (don't they all) but I can't figure it out.
Any help would be very much appreaciated.


PS No MS Office - AV latest Avast.
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