Unable to delete email from Outbox

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this is my first time on forum, so hope im doing this right...However, i have the same issue, large? item or for whatever reason an email is stuck in the 'transmitting' phase, and wont go and wont let other emails pass through. Now, I have tried both of the steps, and neither have worked. (working offline, nor opening in safe mode) I tried moving to a folder, and deleting-neither one made it budge. Ready for more ideas. I have turned off/on (in safe mode) and all emails still there. Thanks for any further assistance in advance! Thanks

Ruchi Bisht

What is the operating system installed on the computer?

Which version of Outlook do you use?

What type of account did you configure in Outlook (POP, IMAP, Exchange, etc.)?

If you use a POP account then you may create a new Outlook profile using the steps givenhere and then open the old PST using the following steps:

File > Open > Outlook Data File

Note: using a new Outlook profile will require the email account to be setup

Ruchi Bisht

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

You could also try the following steps within the same profile of Outlook.

1) Create a new PST file for Outlook

2) Set the new PST file as default for Outlook

3) Close and open Outlook

4) Now try to delete the mail that is stuck in the "Outbox" of the old mail

5) Set the old PST file as default back again

6) Close and open Outlook
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