Outlook 2007 & error 0x80040600 & missing scanpst.exe

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I am getting error 0x80040600 in Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 pc. I have checked for solutions - main one being m/s kb/814441 which says run scanpst.exe . Trust me it's not there - yes I have checked hidden files - it still isn't there. Has anyone come across this and is there a solution?


Original post is a few months old but I'm getting the same problem. Win7 64 bit. Stand-alone version of Outlook (version 12.0.6539.5000). When first opened and receiving files, Outlook will bring up error message about a corrupted .PST file and recommends scanpst.exe. The problem is that scanpst.exe is not on my computer. I'm more than a newbie at this....folder options have been changed so that hidden and system files are visible; I'm looking in the correct folder. Looked in all other possible locations as well. Search tool can not find it. Even compared a friend's system to mine and scanpst.exe is easily located on his but not on mine. Thinking that perhaps somehow a bunch of files or folders got deleted, I un-installed Outllok and re-installed. Same problem...there is no scanpst.exe.

I purchased Outlook 2007 at Costco which came with a DVD and product number so this is not a case of a half-assed pirated software installation. Knowing that Microsoft markets Office in a multitude of flavors and packages, is there a " slimmed down" version that does not come with these diagnostic tools? I can always call Microsoft Support but I dread waiting for over 30 minutes just to talk to somebody in Mumbai, India who will recommend that I defrag my hard drive.

And just for giggles, I can also allow Outlook to create a new .PST file and ignore (or rename) the offending corrupted .PST file and then everything works great which shows there is nothing wrong with the Outlook application itself. But I really don't want to lose what is already in the original .PST file.

What are my options? I suppose I could copy over the scanpst.exe file from another computer with the same Office or Outlooksuite and OS but I'm then left being perplexed as to why Microsoft would market such a slimmed down suite that lacks the diagnostics being called for in the error reporting system.
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