Rules don't take effect on incoming e-mails.

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Tom at EA

My rule to forward e-mails from certain addresses does not work. It appears to be correctly formatted and accepted by Outlook 2003, but new incoming e-mails are not forwarded as per the rule; any ideas? Thanks,


Ezil Vinoth

Did you import the rules from a different computer or did you create the rules in the current Outlook profile?

Try to run the rules using Rules and Alerts option under Tools. If you get an error message while running the rules then you may need to recreate the rules which have an error.

Click here for additional resources on how to troubleshoot rules in Outlook 2003.

Brian Tillman

Senior Member
Please post one of the rules that appears to not work and an example of a mesage on which you believe it should work. Post then exactly, except for masking any real mail addresses that may appear.
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