Send/Receive errors when syncing email to Outlook 2010 x64. Error: 4202, error 0x8004102A, and error 0x80004005. Somtimes recieved email is bl

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Task 'MY EMAIL ADDRESS' reported error (0x8004102A) : 'Error with Send/Receive.'

Task 'MY EMAIL ADDRESS' reported error (0x80004005) : 'There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web. Error: 4202. '

Somtimes recieved email is blank in Outlook but the same email is okay when viewed using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome at or


I ended up installing Outlook 2010 x64 and OLC 14. The took care of the problem. Unfortunatly Microsoft does not document that setting up the hotmail connect in OLC 14 is different than OLC 12. It took me all afternoon yesterday to figure out how too configure Hotmail with the OLC 14 even though it was really easy.

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