Outlook 2010 Spam Filter on multiple email addresses

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I am using Outlook 2010 and have multiple email addresses (not aliases). I have set the junk filter to high on each of these addresses but continue to get large quantities of junk in one of them. Not sure how to handle this.

Niranjan I K

Do you receive the junk mails from a specific domain or multiple domains?

If you receive them from a specific domain, try to block the domain name for it in Outlook.

You may also try to implement the advanced settings for the Junk Email options in Outlook given here.


Hi Guys,

this is my firts post on these boards. but i am running 12 email addresses, 2 exchange, 2 imap and the rest are pop prior to upgrading for the increased ability to handle more exchange accounts i ran a safe list(outlook 2007) that filtered all unwanted emails into junk mail. I run the same set up on outlook 2010 but still get about 70 emails a day into my inbox even though they addresses that they are coming from are not in my conntacts or on my safe list. it is very annoying, i have been trying to find a spam filter for outlook 2010 but i have not found one that works efficently.

how did you go with fixing yours up Ibiz?




I have Office 2010 with operating System Windows 7. When I purchased Outlook 2010 and set up two email accounts, I only have one "Junk" folder. So far, it appears as though it is only attached to my one email account (not both).

Also, I don't have a "Drafts" folder in one of my email folders, it only shows up in one email folder.

Is this 'normal' for Office 2010 or can I assume all of my "Junk" and "Drafts" will end up in these folders, regardless of which email address I am using.


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