My computer crashed so reinstalled Windows & lost all previous emails from Outlook 7

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I recently removed Windows Vista & installed Windows 7. I used Microsoft Outlook for emails but did not back up my emails. I want to know if there is any way to retrieve my emails prior to this recent change. Are emails sent from Outlook saved anywhere on internet other than my current version of Outlook?

Russ Valentine

You "removed" Windows Vista? What does that mean? Unless you reformatted your hard drive, your Outlook data file is still where it always was. Since you didn't back it up, surely you at least took note of where it was. If not, search for it. BTW, PST files are hidden files.

If you need more help, be more forthcoming with information. We have no idea what you did so we could have no idea how to help you recover from your mistakes.

Russ Valentine

Niyamath Khan