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Robert Logan

We're running Exchange 2007 using two servers and employing Standby Continuous Replication.  Both servers are running the same roles: CAS, Mailbox, and Hub Transport.  In order to utilize the new High Availability features built into Exchange 2010, it appears we need to deploy a third server, dedicated to CAS.  Three questions: first, is it correct we need a third server running a dedicated CAS role in order to achieve HA in Exch 2010?  Second, will it be straightforward to add this third CAS box, and third are there any good resources on doing this?  Thanks!

Joel Stidley [MVP]

There is some discussion towards the bottom of this thread:

As a change from Exchange 2007, you can deploy a two node cluster will all of the roles (not including Edge) on them, however you will need an external load balancer to load balance the CAS role between the two nodes. If you don't have that type of load balancing, you won't have any failover. You can't use Windows load balancing because you can't use it and failover clustering on the same nodes, as it is not supported.

Robert Logan

In moving towards an Exchange 2010 solution, would the first step be to disable SCR between our 2007 boxes, and upgrade one of those boxes to 2010?  Or would it be to bring online a CAS into our 2007 environment?  To recap, currently we have two Exchange 2007 boxes running SCR but no CAS.