Exchange 2007 SCR Target on HUB & CAS NLB Cluster Server

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Hey Guys,

One of my customer looking for solution for Linux to Exchange Migration and for the same i have one proposal to him to Install the Mailbox on CCR Cluster and Install the HUB & CAS Server on NLB Cluster and also Install the one server more for MB, HUB & CAS at Location (Hyderabad & Chennai) for fast access the Mailbox to location users.

Now customer wants a solution that if suppose that Locations server goes down then there is no any solution to failover for that. Hence i suggest him to go for SCR Cluster for each location and assign the SCR target on HUB & CAS Server NLB cluster which is his Central site by installing one more  Mailbox role on HUB & CAS NLB Cluster server.

Hence i have only one query can we create SCR target on HUB & CAS NLB Cluster Server if i will install one more MB role on that and then i will create SCR target for Locations server on this NLB HUB & CAS Server. So once locations server goes down then we can redirect the users to his primary location.

If someone have design this kind of solution then please share with me or please just give me clarification whether its right solution or not.



Subhash Tiwari Orient

Hi Xen,

Actually the solution which you are designing for your customer is very complex solution and in this solution lot of challenge so first of all you consult with your customer whether they have sufficient badwidth for the same.

Regarding your solution actually SCR Target on HUB & CAS Server if you install the MB role on that then you can create SCR target on that server. This solution you will never scene in any Microsoft Website and also any website actually i have consulted one of the IndiaPTS team member in Microsoft and he told me that Subhash it can be possible and there is no any challenge and Microsoft will provide the solution for the same if any problem occur. He also consulted with India Microsoft PSS team they also told to him that its right solution.

I hope you this information is sufficient for you.


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Excellent Subhash!!!

Actually i have gone through lot of Article and also one Article in Microsoft Exchange 2007 Forum and there is also mention that its not a Right solution.

But actually you have already confirm from Microsoft PSS Team then i m 100% confident that it will support.

Good Answer keep it up...