Renaming a domain with Exchange 2010 on it.

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I'm interesting in renaming an Active Directory domain.  I understand this was possible with Exchange 2003, but not with Exchange 2007.   Does any know if renaming a domain (Active Directory domain, i should say) which has Exchange 2010 installed on it. 


Amit Tank [MVP]

I think it shouldn't be supported as like Exchange 2007.

In Exchange 2003, it was possible with a xdr-fixup tool which corrects the Exchange settings where similar tool was not written for Exchange 2007 and same as for Exchange 2010... :(

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Realizing that this thread is now over 4 months old, I think this is something Microsoft needs to correct. There are lots of legit reasons for a network admin to rename their domain and IMO, they shouldn't be penalized because they are using another common product from Microsoft. I know there are "unsupported" ways of renaming the domain which are long and involved, but that process is a total pain to complete. The xdr-fixup tool worked like a charm the two times I needed to use it and if Microsoft is going to stick with their current methodology for AD with respect to Exchange, an xdr-fixup like tool couldn't possibly have a bad ROI for them. It will certainly help to make more network admins happier with them, which means those same admins will be more likely to continue buying Microsoft software rather than switch to an alternative..

John Grenfell

I would have to total agree.

I'm currently holding off on implementing PKI, RDS and Sharepoint all because I need to do a rename.

If they made a tool which only worked for Exchange 2010 I'd upgrade tomorrow!
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