Exchange 2010 RC1 on Windows Server 2008 Foundation SP1

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Ok, so what is the verdict here ? Does Exchange 2010 work to full effect on Server 2008 Foundation? Why are there quotes like:
"Install Windows Server 2008 R2 (Standard or Enterprise " but not Core, Web Server or Foundation Server)"
I can find absolutely no information about this anywhere, or its just very hard to find.
Is Foundation not exactly the same as standard Server 2008 but just limited to 15 users ? Why should Exchange 2010 not work ?
Any help would be appreciated.


The server will be the new DC, DNS and DHCP server, and this is going to serve about a maximum of 10 users within the office. Created a new domain/forest just for this office, it does not need to connect to/be part of other domains etc. it is just for the users in this office.
Just wanting to test out Exchange 2010 on this new server (which is not in production environment yet), So it should be ok as long as the server does not go over 15 users, is the root domian, and not related to other domains? There is no other reasons Exchange 2010 might have a problem on Foundation?
Edit: Ah ok Amit, thanks, only saw your reply after my last post.