Events 9320 and 9359 on new installation of Exchange 2010 RC



On a new installation of Exchange 2010 RC, when the Offline Address Book (OAB) is first generated, event 9320 occurs

Event 9320 text: OABGen could not generate full details for some entries in the offline address list for address list '\Global Address List'. To see which entries are affected, set event logging for the offline address list generator to at least medium.

I raised the logging for the offline address list generator to Medium, and manually updated the OAB. This recorded two instances of Event 9359.

Event 9359 text: OALGen truncated or dropped properties for entry 'Discovery Search Mailbox' in address list '\Global Address List' because they exceeded the configured size limits for the version 4 offline address list. The affected MAPI ids are: 8cd8. - \Default Offline Address Book

The other instance of Event 9359 referenced the one user mailbox that had been configured on this Exchange server, and the MAPI id was 8008.

The user mailbox had content copied from a .pst file that goes back to Outlook 2000.

What are MAPI ids 8cd8 and 8008?

Can these events be ignored? If not, what corrective action is indicated?


Paul Robichaux [MVP]

I've run into this same problem, but with different MAPI IDs. I have a case open with Microsoft and will report back what I find out.


Update - the same events as described in my original post occured on a different new Exchange 2010 RC installation, where there was no user mailbox content from a .pst file.

Paul Robichaux [MVP]

My support engineer was able to repro the problem in his test environment, so we're making some progress.


Same thing on our Exchange Server.

ID: 8008

Found that it is related to the Group Membership of users (Email Adress Lists the user is on).


ID: 8cd8

AttributeName: PidTagAddressBookAuthorizedSenders

" A value other than null indicates that delivery restrictions exist for this recipient. The address book does not contain the lists of senders that are allowed for this recipient; it only indicates whether or not such restrictions exist."

Taken from (btw: very helpful document for all that MAPI stuff and OAB errors)

Since the orga is very small I checked all entries in Global Address List and couldn't find any missing/corrupted membership information.

Sending to the AddressLists worked fine on all of them (7 in total).

So for me its safe to ignore right now.

ID 8008 In more detail:

You can check where the property is used via Template Designer (" Tools" ).

The navigate to your language and open the " user" template (" de-DE\user" in my case).

Click on " Member-Of" tab. Then click on the Edit Control (White Box).

On the right side (properties) you will notice " AttributeName" : Is-Member-Of-DL

Still looking forward for anyone to find out how this warning message in the eventlog can be avoided.

Frank Mogensen

Hi any news on this. We have the same error with all mailboxes not updating.

OALGen truncated or dropped properties for entry 'Administrator' in address list '\Global Address List' because they exceeded the configured size limits for the version 4 offline address list. The affected MAPI ids are: 8008.
- \Default Offline Address Book



Same here

OALGen truncated or dropped properties for entry 'Some one' in address list '\Global Address List' because they exceeded the configured size limits for the version 4 offline address list. The affected MAPI ids are: 8008.


I don't think Dave Goldman's blog applies here.
I created the values he referenced with the Lower Limit values, the Default values, and much higher values; I still got Events 9320 and 9359 when I updated the Default OAB manually.

I ran Process Explorer with a filter to include MSExchangeSA\Parameters, and updated the Default OAB manually; the values referenced Dave Goldman's blog were not read.

There is at least one other thread about these events:


My blog does still apply for this however I need to investigate and look to see why we are throwing this for 2010. I do have one active case so please bare with me and I will get back to everyone with a solution.

DGoldman [MSFT]


@ Dgoldman

Thanks for the quick update. When you do get back, please explain why the values your blog mentions, are not read, at least per Process Monitor, when the Default OAB is updated manually.


Paul Robichaux [MVP]

Sorry for taking so long to answer.

My case (SRZ090916000322) was resolved as " by design" . Outlook 2010 is adding a new group type for nested DLs, so it needs membership information for users and DLs. The decision was made to have this feature work offline, so that information has to be propped to the GAL, which means the attributes had to be added to the truncation list. That's what's generating the warnings in the event log.

My CSS guy filed a bug not to have this represented as a warning (since it's not a symptom of anything wrong). That may or may not be the same bug that Dave's talking about.


@Paul Robichaux

Thanks for the update. I wonder if until/unless a code change is made to prevent this condition from being flagged as a warning, it might be worked around by increasing one of the Registry values mentioned in Dave's blog to keep the added attributes from being truncated or dropped.

Paul Robichaux [MVP]

For now you can just ignore the error, but I realize that isn't a very satisfying solution.


I have the 9320 error on the Exchange 2010 server. if I can safely ignore this, the outlook client side error must be something else.

Not downloading Offline address book files. A server (URL) could not be located.

21:57:49 0X8004010F

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