Having problems with Exchange Server 2007 on a Windows Server 2003 Domain and installed on a VMWare Infrastructure Client Version 2.5.0

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Jermaine G

Is there any know compatability issues with VMWare Infrastructure Client Version 2.5.0 with Windows Server 2003 Domain and Exchange Server 2007. I am having problems. Where users getting slow logon and popups for authentication. The exchange troubleshooting assistant is saying that Packet Outbound Errors. Im not seeing any config issues but not sure about the compatabitlity. Help anyone

Geoff MacCombe

I believe your in the wrong form this is for Exchange 2010 the question is for Exchange 2007 and I also think you mean Server/MAil on ESX 3 or greater VMWare I C (or VMI as it's known) is the management interface for ESX - since I'm Running a 2003/2008/Exchange 2007 on ESX there have been no MAJOR issues however that being said as soon as my SAN is done formating it's 6 TB's I am moving them to my Hyper-V R2 Cluster way better for our needs