Which domainname has my certifiace to contain to match for all services



My exchange servers internal fqdn is server.domain.com
The external fqdn for my webapp is webapp.domain.com
So which domainnam do I have to enter in the certificate request that it matches for both, internal and external? I now added a domaincertificate for webapp.domain.com - but now outlook-clients are promted with a certificate-warning that it was created for another website than server.domain.com.
can somebody help? thanks in advance!

Mike Crowley

You'll want your UCC/SAN certificate(s) to include:
the netbios name of all exchange servers the internal fqdn of all exchange servers the fqdn of your CASarray the external fqdn for owa the external fqdn for smtp the internal fqdn of autodiscover and other services if they are not set to internal server names the external fqdn for autodiscover the internal/external fqdn for legacyurl if using exchange 2003

This will likely mean you need a milti-domain, multi-name certificate.

Mike Crowley
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