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Valery Tyurin

Hello! I have installed exchanged 2010 in trial mode (no licence key). Application event log have event id 1216.

The Exchange store mailbox data <name database> limited to 1024GB. The current physical size if this database is < 1GB. if the physical size of this database minus its logical free space exceeds the limit of 1024 Gb, the database will be dismounted on a regular basis.

Is it logical limitation trial cppy exchange? And if I will use Standard or Enterprise version I can change it throught registry?

On technet I find out 

What does it mean logical free space in database. How to view it? eseutil or isinteg or powershell?Truly, Valery Tyurin

Johan Veldhuis [MVP]


I haven't found tha't's a limit in the trail version. I know there was a same limitation in Exchange which limited the maximum size of the DB. The Exchange organization checks periodically what the size is of the DB. If this size does not exceed the limit which is specified then it dismounts the database to prevent damage.

You can check the size of the db by looking with the Windows Explorer at the size of the db.
You can change the limit but because the DB is now less then 1 GB it's not really necessary.



Valery Tyurin

Johan, if database more than 1 TB than probably it may be damage? But ms says 16TB limits per database.  It is not clear for me.Truly, Valery Tyurin

Valery Tyurin

    I do not really understand what does it mean "prevent damage" and why ms make this default restirctions. MS suppots size to 16 TB. Why I need change registry settings for database more than 1 TB?
    Ok. I change registry setting that convinient for me, but it's very strange registry settings.Truly, Valery Tyurin