Unable to connect to Exchnage Console Connecting to remote server fail with the following error message : Access is denied

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I deployed a Exchange server 2010 about 2 weeks ago, today I have received the following error message when login into both Exchange management Console and Exchange Power shell console. Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message: Access is Denied

There are 2 X Exchange Server 2010 and 1 X Exchange server 2007. I can access the Exchange 2007 console and 1 X Exchange 2010 console, but not the seconds exchnage server 2010
- I have check the time the same across all domain controller and exchange server
- I have confirm that the Exchange server are member of exchange Server group inside Active Directory
- Uninstalling and reinstall Exchange Server 2010 has no affect
Internal and external mail to and from the servers not seem to be affected
any Ideas?

Xiu Zhang


Please check event log and then post the detail event information here.

Please try to use the account that you use to install exchange to open EMC and EMS.

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