How tell an Exchange 2010 server from other Exchange Versions in AD?

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Anu Melkote

I don't have a background in Exchange and I am trying to distinguish an Exchange 2010 servers from other Exchange servers (mostly 2003, very few 2007) in the same domain in a single-forest AD environment.

Upon querying AD with the filter "objectclass=msExchExchangeServer", I get back the same set of attributes for both Exchange 2010 and its previous versions. Any idea how I can get a set of just the Exchange 2010 servers?


Tony Murray [MVP]

Hi Anu

The serialNumber attribute contains the version.

If you want to find all Exchange 2007 servers you could try:

(&(objectclass=msExchExchangeServer)(serialnumber=Version 8*))

And for 2010 servers, this should work (although I don't have access to one right now).

(&(objectclass=msExchExchangeServer)(serialnumber=Version 14*))

You can find a full set of build numbers here:


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