Why is it not possible to search subfolders of publicfolders in on e step like in Mailboxes or Online Archive?



Then user advanced Serch in Outlook 2010 connected to Exchange 2010 or search in OWA I can include Subfolders in my search. Public folders this option is missing - why?


Thanks for your answer. The article states that "the search" is only possible on one server at a time and that public folders can be distributed over more than one server.

But is this still true with Exchange 2010? There is a funktion to search over more than one Mailbox - I am quite shure that these Mailboxes needn't be on the same server.

Second I heard that the index based search of Exchange 2010 is much improved. Shouldn't it be possible to use this for public folder search over more than one Server?


Yes, search feature has been improved significantly. Now, you can quickly search the mails cross the entire exchange organization. However, per my knowledge, the search feature is only for mailbox, not public folder

Windows Search can be a workaround for the public folder search (Reference)

Understanding Exchange Search

James Luo


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