What's exactly the use of ExchangeMapiCdo?

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I wonder what is the use of this addon. It is mandatory to install it (for Notes, BES use for instance) on Exchange Server 2010.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Michel de Rooij

MAPICDO are two libraries:
MAPI provides access to certain parts of Exchange, e.g. stores CDO provides access to Outlook-compatible objects The libaries are meant to unwind the application and storage layers, making applications and code using these libraries independent of the underlying Exchange or Outlook version. It also enables certain applications/scripts to run remotely (mostly apps/scripts from the pre-PowerShell era). Only problem you can encounter is when applications/scripts make use of certain functionality only to be found in certain Exchange/Outlook versions, requiring certain MAPI or CDO library versions.
These libraries may be required by certain 3rd party applications, scripts, etc. that need to interface with Exchange, e.g. Blackberry Enterprise Server, the Transporter Suite (for Notes-Exchange co-existence/interoperability), Quest Exchange tools, etc. etc.
Hope this answers your question.
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