Problem with meeting requests (default reminder set to 15 minutes by Exchange)

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Marco K

Hi all
After migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 we have the following problem with meeting requests send by users:
-user A sends a meeting request with reminder set to none
-user B accept the meeting request and now the reminder is set to 15 minutes
When i disable the Feature Calendar Settings -> Automate Processing -> Enable Calender Attendant -> " Mark new meeting requests als Tentative" on the mailbox from user B, the reminder is set to none.
This can not be the solution, because the " Mark new meeting requests als Tentative" is necessary for us.
As client we tested Outlook 2003 and 2007, problem ist the same in both versions.
Any other ideas to solve this problem?
Best regards

Fazal Muhammad Khan_

Thank you for your message here

Based on my test, in Outlook 2007, go to Tools->options->Preferences tab, in Calendar box, you can customize the Default reminder for yourself. (by default it is 15 minutes)

Actually, it is at the Sender side that the reminder has been set to none, but it does not affect the recipient side.

As to the " Mark new meeting requests as Tentative" option, if you select this check box, incoming meeting requests are marked as " Tentative" on the calendar. If you don't select this check box, pending requests are marked as " Free" . This setting is enabled by default


Fazal M Khan

Marco K

I open a support-call, the problem is by design in Exchange 2010 and on the bug-List from the Exchange Team.
So we have to wait for a solution.MCITP


Hi Marco, is the above mentioned problem still an bug that needs to be fixed? I utilize outlook 2007 and when the receiver gets the request, it is set at a 15 minute default, even though i originally sent the meeting with an 8 hr reminder.

Has this been resolved?

I appreciate your help!



Any word on the reminder problem? We are running Outlook 2007 on Exchange 2010, and we have the same issue. User B receives the appointment and automatically has a reminder for it set to 15 min regardless of user B's or user A's Outlook setting for reminder default. The big problem is that this reminder is also set for events, resulting in alerts being sent to user B's blackberry between 11:45pm and midnight. These reminders have to be manually removed by user B. I'm surprised I can't find much on the web or in forums for this particular problem.
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