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How can i rstore a single mailbox with Data Protection Manager 2010, not to a -TargetFolder but if i fx. delete a mailbox then and i want to resotre it like it was before (not create a new mailbox to eks. user and link the mb into it) but restore the mailbox exc. like it was before the deletion.
i'm useing Exchange 2010 with DPM 2010

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Create Recovery Storage Group
1. Select Database Recovery Management from Exchange toolbox (Do this from active cluster node) 2. Select a name for the task and verify server information is correct 3. Select Create a recovery storage group 4. Choose the storage group to link the recovery storage group to and select Next 5. Name the storage group and verify location of files. Select Create the recovery storage group

Restore Mailbox to Recovery Store with Data Protection Manager
1. Choose Recovery from the main selection bar 2. Under Data on Disk and Tapes, expand the Exchange cluster name 3. Select the storage group that has the mailbox you want to recover 4. Select a mailbox and a recovery point from the storage group 5. Right-click and choose Recover 6. Select Recover mailbox to an Exchange server database 7. Configure destination for recovered data a. In the Exchange server box, select Browse and choose the Exchange Mailbox Cluster b. Enter the name of the storage group you created and the name of the recovery database 8. Finish the recovery wizard

Merge or Add Recovered Data to User Mailbox
1. Go back into Database Recovery Management 2. Under Manage Recovery Storage Group, select Mount or dismount database in the recovery storage group 3. Select the recovery database and choose mount 4. In the task center, select Merge or copy mailbox contents 5. With the mounted database selected, select Gather merge information 6. Perform pre-merge tasks 7. The matching mailbox should be selected. 8. Perform merge action

To add recovered data as a folder within the current user mailbox, run the following Powershell script:

Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox ”MailboxName” -RSGDatabase “Recovery Storage Group\Mailbox Database” -identity “UserMailbox” -TargetFolder “FolderName”


Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox ”Eric J. Inch” -RSGDatabase “Recovery Storage Group\Mailbox Database” -identity “Eric J. Inch” -TargetFolder “FolderName”

Delete Recovery Storage Group
1. Under Manage Recovery Storage Group select Mount or dismount database in the recovery storage group 2. Choose the database and select dismount 3. Select Remove the recovery storage group 4. With the database listed as dismounted, choose remove

I hope This answeres your Question. if not kindly Elaborate on some terms in your questions Like.
-TargetFolder but if i fx.
mailbox to eks.
the mailbox exc

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My applogies for this i forgot to add this line

You can use DPM to recover Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes and mailbox databases. The procedures to recover Exchange Server 2010 data are the same as those to recover Exchange Server 2007 data.

Recovering Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes

DPM supports the following three types of recovery for Exchange Server 2010 mailboxes:
Recover to an Exchange Server database. Recover only to Exchange Server recovery databases.
Recover to a network location. Copy the database to a network folder.
Copy to tape. Create an on-tape copy of the database.

By this You can Ignore the Exchange 2007 Parts which are not there in 2010 but the rest is the same
Eg Storage group and etc

Have a look at these as well

Now you have Recovery Database to restore the mailbox database.

Here are few references...

Recovery Database

Exchange 2010 - Recovery Scenario #1 - Mailbox or items

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Did you check the Disconnected Mailbox in EMC? By default, the deleted mailbox is preserved for 30 days. Thus, you can reconnect the mailbox to another account.



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