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Is there a way to control the Message-ID field. Basically, for internal corporate reasons we don't want <....>@server.companyname.local to show up. We provide services to many sister companies now and some of them don't want their outbound messages tagged with the our name. If I could set it to show <...>@server.generic.local that would be perfect.

This is just to prevent a quick view of the message options to show our name on a customers screen. Following the outbound server name and ip address will lead back to us using Google and ARIN.NET. We just want to be less obvious.

So is there a way to control how the Message-ID field is formatted? Short of renaming the domain and the server that is.

If there is a way, is that applicable to Exchange 2003?


Joseph M Durnal

Your best bet would be to route these messages through a relay that can rewrite the message header. I really don't know how I'd do this with a Microsoft solution, but I've used a linux/postfix solution to do something similar. Although, I've never messed with the message id header, I've stripped out all the host names and ip addresses of the internal Exchange servers. The message id field might be more complex, and may have some unintended consequences.

Joseph Durnal

Joseph M. Durnal MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator



Thanks for everyone's input. I'll follow up on this. I'm not sure I want to remove headers. We are in the process of migrating to a new domain name. At that point, this issue may become moot. So I'll hold off as long as I can.

I was just hoping to have the internal domain name swapped out for something else. It would be nice if there was a way to configure the portion of the Mail ID instead of Exchange just grabbing the machine name FDQN.

Again, thanks for everyone's input.