Confused about what the archiving/retention policy can actually do

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I guess im alittle confused about the archiving/retention policies that can be setup in exchange 2010. We currently have Groupwise and are looking to migrate over to exchange 2010 possibly this summer.

One issue we are dealing with now is eDiscovery and the like.

What i would like to know is if a policy or archive can be setup to keep every email that comes in and out of the exchange server in a seperate drive/mailbox on the server or is this something that only a 3rd party archiver can do.

If this is something that can be done, can someone point me in a direction that will show me how to set this up?

I currently have a test system that I am running the server on and would love to be able to test this feature out, if it exists.

Thanks in advance,


Joseph M Durnal

There are a lot of things that depend on your design. The basic answer is yes, Exchange can protect every e-mail if you want it to, basically, you could put ever maibox on legal hold (Set-Mailbox user@domain.tld -LitigationHoldEnabled $true). If you have only one mailbox server, of course, all of this would be on the same server. If you are using database availability groups, the data resides on all servers with a copy of the mailbox database. You could also use journaling, sending all mail to another mailbox, where you could dedicate a server to the task of holding all of your e-mails.

Joseph Durnal

Joseph M. Durnal MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator


Thanks Joseph.

I thought about doing a legal hold. Does that mean the email will stay in the user's mailbox or will it go to another mailbox that does the legal hold?

We are thinking about doing one mailbox server.

Database Availability groups is there a set amount of servers we should have? Could we do one for the server and one as a backup server? Also is the backup server supposed to be a duplicate of the original server? I will try to read up on the DAGs a little more to see if I can find out some more information.

Thanks again


I was able to do what i wanted with journaling. Thanks Joseph

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