Exchange 2003 to 2010 Migration, outlook 2003 clients restricted

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Joe Slitzker

We just migrated to Exchange 2010, and recently pulled our last Exchange 2003 server out of the domain. It wouldn't completely remove, so we followed by entering adsi and deleting the administrative group key for the 03 server located at:

Configuration Container
CN=Configuration, DC=<var>Domain_Name</var>,DC=com
CN=Microsoft Exchange

CN=Administrative Groups

Now the Outlook 2003 clients are receiving an error stating: your exchange administrator has blocked the version of outlook you are running.

Can someone help me troubleshoot this?

AndyD_ [MVP]

Ok, I would not have removed the 2003 Admin Group, so make sure you are aware of the possible issues in this doc:

How to Remove the Last Legacy Exchange Server from an Organization

For Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2010, note:

Outlook connection issues with Exchange 2010 mailboxes because of the RPC encryption requirement

For mapi version blocking issues, see examples here and the

MAPIBlockOutlookVersions switch

Joe Slitzker

Thank you for the help, but please disregard the question - the problem was related to corrupted public folders key in ADSI....


Quote: &ldquo;the problem was related to corrupted public folders key in ADSI&rdquo;

Please describe more about the public folder issue that you encountered. How about the outlook error that you posted above? Does the suggestion from Andy fix the outlook issue?

James Luo

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