Exchange 2010 user can't retrieve any new mail over IMAP

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I'm transitioning my users from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010, and have encountered an odd error. I have two users who, after being transferred to the new 2010 Mailbox server, can no longer receive any new mail messages on their IMAP clients (Thunderbird). Using any IMAP client (They've found the same with iMail and Gmail), they can connect to the Exchange 2010 CAS server and retrieve all of their old e-mails, but any mail that has been sent to them since they were moved over to the new Exchange 2010 Mailbox server does not come through to their IMAP Client. I know the mailbox itself is still receiving new mails, as it can be checked via their cell phones (ActiveSync) or using the OWA web access client.

As part of the troubleshooting steps I moved their mailboxes back to my 2007 Mailbox server while leaving them connecting through the 2010 CAS server, and they were able to receive all of their old e-mails and properly receive new ones. As soon as their mailboxes were moved back to the 2010 MB server they stopped receiving new messages on their IMAP clients.

Here's one of their connections from the log file. It doesn't seem helpful to me, but maybe it is to someone else:
2010-04-15 16:31:20 POST /owa/ev.owa UA=0&oeh=1&ns=MsgVLV2&ev=LoadFresh;Initial+budget>>Conn:1,AD:$null/$null/0%,CAS:
0%,AB:$null/$null/0%,RPC:$null/$null/0%,FC:$null/0,Hash:59215516 443 <username> Mozilla/5.0+(X11;+U;+Linux+x86_64;+en-US;
+rv: 200 0 0 343

Any suggestions?


Dave Baird


I've just replied to a similar issue in the forums:

Have you tried installed Update Rollup 2? One of the fixes is for the following issue:

"Consider the following scenario: .....

...Users use IMAP4 clients to access the mailboxes.

In this scenario, the users can view the old messages that were received before their mailboxes were moved. However, the users cannot view new messages."

Update Rollup 2 is available at

Hope this helps



Thanks Dave, I hand't heard of a second rollup. I'll install it now.

Karthik troubleshoot

Hi Mike,
Please check the Hub Transport role is properly installed or no

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