ESMTP #554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued. ##

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I am getting the following message when trying to send email to

ESMTP #554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued. ##

The wierd thing is MY server is the one blocking the spam? How is that happening...the reporting server is mine?



Hello OIC IT,

" ESMTP #554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued"
It seems the remote server consider your server as a spammer, check if your server IP is in some RBL. Also, contact the remote domain admin to add your server IP to the safe list

Also go to and checked whether your domain is in the blacklist, if it is then fill the form for whitelist. click on Blacklist à Put the Connecting IP and after that you will get - We notice you are on a blacklist. Click here for suggestions - Fill the form to Request for the whitelist.

It Will fix the problem.

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I did that and I am not on a black list.

Let me be clear...another organization isn't blocking this email as own server is the one doing the blocking according to the NDR.

Is this a new setting in exchange 2010?



The bounce that you posted isn't the whole bounce, would you be comfortable posting the entire bounce? The reason I ask is that I doubt that you server is marking its own Outbound mail as Spam. If it is indeed doing that, then you have a bigger issue here!


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Hello OIC IT,

I don't remember any by default settings in E2k7 or E2010 Server that block emails unless an untill you installed the AntiSpam feature or using any Third Party to filter Spam.

Please check the Firewall also it might Blocking the Email or blocking the ESMTP Verbs and due to that you a facing the problem.

MicroSoft Exchange Admin. & Connector EXCHANGE2010, MCSE, MCTS, MCSA MESSAGING, CCNA & GNIIT

Xiu Zhang


First please Try to submit a message through Telnet to the Problematic domain and then check the Error message after EndOfData.

Please check if you have PTR created for your domian on the public DNS. The issue could occur when the destination SMTP server performs a reverse lookup.

You are unable to send or receive SMTP messages from certain Internet domains in Exchange 2000 Server, in Exchange Server 2003, and in Small Business Server 2003

If all is not the issue, then I think you'd better to contact the destination domian admin to solve the problem.


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