Nested Security Groups in Global Address List

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Pavel N. Kosachev

Hi, after upgrade to Exchange 2010 i observe that mail-enabled security groups nested into another Distribution group are not showing in Address Book. I can see nested Distribution groups and users in Outlook 2007 and OWA. Exchange deliver messages to all recipients of this distribution group - it's correct. I try convert to universal group and update GAL(Update-GlobalAddressList -Identity "Default Global Address List") with no success.

Pavel N. Kosachev

I already convert my mail-enabled security groups to universal.


do you have any errors in the event viewer regarding OABgen, also have you verified that they are not hidden from GAL.

also another check, login to OWA and try to lookup the groups using the GAL on OWA, I would like to know if this if regarding offline address book or they don't get into the GAL in the first place

Regards, Mahmoud Magdy


I did realize that 2010 does not show groups hidden from addresslists as a member of another group. On 2007 I could see hidden groups if they are member of another group. Also I could see if user was member of hidden group - 2010 does not display this membership through addressbook. Maybe you are dealing with this issue?