where should I run setup.com /ps

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John JY

Hi all, I have one empty root domain with two windows 2003 R2 domain controllers and one child domain with two windows 2003 R2 domain controllers and all servers and users are located in child domain. Now, I need to run adprep on the schema master for exchange 2010. Since exchange 2010 has only 64bit adprep and my root domain has only two 32bit windows 2003 R2 domain controllers, where should I run setup.com /ps? Thank you.

Gulab Mallah


You can run the setup.com /ps in the site where ever you are installing exchange server just make sure that at that site you have DC which holds Schema Master role thats it. In case you don't have Schema Master Role you can move it, please refer to below article

How to view and transfer FSMO roles in Windows Server 2003



Jon-Alfred Smith

Install either Windows 2008 64-bit or Windows 2008 R2 (there is no 32-bit) into your root domain (Schema Master).
The server has to be in the same site as well.
Install the Active Directory management tools on the Windows Server 2008 computer prior to preparing the schema or domains:

* ServerManagerCmd -i RSAT-ADDS
* setup.com /ps

Prepare Active Directory and Domains

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John JY

Thank you for ALL your help. that helps.

Just want to verify these following are right.

on the root domain:

setup.com /preparelegacyexchangepermissions
setup.com /PrepareSchema

setup.com /PrepareAD

setup.com /PrepareDomain

on the child domain:

setup.com /PrepareDomain

Can anyone verify these are correct?

Thank you!



I have been searching through many posts to find the answer to the same problem.

Here is my situation -

I have a Win2003 Domain with Win2003 R2 32bit servers.
I am installing Exchange 2010 on a Win 2008 Server (obviously 64bit).
I need to prepare the Domain but the ADPrep on the CD is 64 bit only but as I have no 64 bit servers I can't run it.
Other than installing a 64 Bit Win2003 Server and using that, which I really don't want to do how do I proceed?
So as per the original question - how? The answer given isn't clear as far as I'm concerned. I still can't run setup as it's a 64bit version. Am I missing something?

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first of all make sure ...

u r installing exchange server 2010 on win server 2k8 R2 or sp2 ...

then check for the transition option.. make clear what excatly u want and u need for that..


so can this /prepare tool on a member server? (running 2008 x64 SP2)
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